Bianca Hlywa: Computers Don't Eat Sugar to Make More Computers 
Goldsmiths University Allotment, London 
Bianca Hlywa
The artist Bianca Hlywa has been in residence in Shoreline, an alternative art space located in a mobile poly tunnel which focuses on growing, fermenting and cultivation. During her residency Hlywa has been attempting to do two things: 

1) To try and figure out how to grow SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria Yeast) as quickly as possible in various conditions and amounts.

2) To grow her own weight in bacteria (she will be checking the final weight of the bacteria during the performance). 

In Hlywa's own words, "the bacteria I am using is not much different then me, it is almost a self-portrait, its colour and fleshiness is much like my own. It might weigh the same as myself and, just as I eat sugar to (eventually) make more humans, the bacteria eats sugar to make more bacteria."