Mission to Touch the Sun
Enclave Lab, London
Co-curated with K.P.Culver 
Part 1:
Marion Balac
Charlie Godet Thomas
Will Kendrick
Part 2:
Lydia Blakeley 
Oliver Durcan 
Paula Pinho Martins Nacif
Richard Porter
Manufactured offers of the exotic drives the travel industry. Tourism is a global economy led by our desire to discover dreamdestinations and experience the authentic. By making leisure, travel and location collide seemingly easily, this offer creates expectancy of, and the want to consume and indulge in the ‘other’. Mission to Touch the Sun slaps the back of the sunburnt tourist, points the selfie stick in the air, and before the photo is taken says: “tourism is a form of idealized escapism, presumed offer of the exotic and simulation of normality”. The works explore these intersections with a comical satire, cannon balling into the deep end of the world of backpackers and the all-inclusive.

Part 1

Part 2