Mission to Touch the Sun: Sun Burnt

Paradise Works, Manchester


Co-curated with K.P.Culver 
Lydia Blakeley 
Oliver Durcan 
Soohyun Choi 
Marion Balac
Charlie Godet Thomas
Will Kendrick
Paula Pinho Martins Nacif
Richard Porter

Tourism is a global economy led by people’s desire to discover dream destinations and experience the authentic. Manufactured offers of the exotic drive the travel industry by making leisure, travel and location collide seemingly easily, this offer creates expectancy of, and the want to consume and indulge in the ‘other’. Tourists seem to exist in a hyperreality which has been fed through privilege, entitlement and media, becoming negative agents within locations that they hope will cater to their expectations of paradise. Within this nostalgia, and the longing for an individual experience of ‘paradise’, grows a post-truth, para-fictional dream of the self in which reality is abstracted.


Using humour and nostalgia MTTTS: Sun Burnt cannon balls into the deep end and swims through the plastic world of backpackers, the all-inclusive and the hypocricy of it all.