The Book
2016 - ongoing

'The Book' is an ongoing curatorial project which invites artists working in new media and performance to work directly into a hand bound publication.

‘…the vinyl record, the photographic print, the Polaroid camera, the analogue recording studio and the darkroom have been cast aside, rendered all but obsolete by a digitally driven culture that devours all that preceded it. Soon, we are told, the newspaper and the book may share the same fate.’


In an age of digital culture we are learning the wide range of connections that art has to technology and new modes of creating. The book and sketchbook are endangered of becoming obsolete in this new age; fundamentally sketchbooks have always been used by artists to make their thoughts and ideas real, externalizing ideas and placing it at the center of their thinking.

Driven by the nostalgia of the past ‘The Book’ invites artists working in new media and performance to work directly onto an A3 page. Essentially becoming as a sketchbook ‘The Book’ aims to challenge artists to work in an analogue format celebrating modes of creativity that involve slowness, attentiveness and contemplation. By exploring the relationship between the analogue and new art forms, working with raw materials such as blank paper ‘The Book’ intends to see whether new forms can exist within the parameters of a 2Dimensional flat surface.